What can we do for YOU?

We’ve been working hard to give our customers a fresh feed of content when it comes to social media. However, we want to give you more of what YOU want!

We’ve created a survey to ask our followers what they like about our social media presence. It would be awesome if you could take just a few minutes out of your day to gives us some feedback on our internet adventures.

We are also looking for product reviews and other input from our customers. Do you love one of our products? Let us know! Have a question about any of our products? Ask us! Do you use our products to take incredible photos? By all means, please share your photographs with us! We want to show the world the possibilities our great products have to offer.

You can leave a comment on a Facebook post, send us a message on any of our social media profiles, or even give us a call or send us an email! We are always looking for feedback on any of our items, ranging from Gigapan camera mounts to Kodak film. Anything and everything you have to say will always be welcome.



Product Reviews Wanted!

In an effort to connect with our customers more, we are asking our audience to send us review of their favorite products! Since we carry such a wide range of products (Gary Fong, Gigapan, Cokin, Triggertrap, Giottos, Novatron, Pelican, and so many more), everyone can have the opportunity to contribute.

We are also encouraging our customers to send in example photos using our products (such as Cokin filters) so we can showcase not only the photographer, but the sheer possibilities of creativity when it comes to our products.

You can send us a message or leave a comment on any one of our Facebook posts, or shoot us a quick email (webmaster@omegabrandess.com) telling us why you love our products! We appreciate all of the feedback our customers give us, and we encourage you to speak your mind about our company and our products so that we may better serve you.