First Review of Marshall’s Colored Pencils!

I posted on our Instagram over the weekend that my Marshall’s review would be starting with the metallic colored pencils. While you can see I wasn’t the best at coloring within the lines, I definitely had quite a bit of fun! But now on to the important bit…

I absolutely loved them! I have always been a die-hard fan of Prismacolor colored pencils, and I have kept the same set in as best of a condition as I could manage for the past eight years. I would not hesitate to say the Marshall’s colored pencils are on par with Prismacolors when it comes to quality and color.

The lead is very sturdy, but the color goes on richly without having to use too much pressure. The lead also lasts an incredibly long time. Throughout coloring this little bookmark, I never had to sharpen the pencils! I use quite a bit of pressure when I color out of habit, so I tend to wear down points very easily. With these, I was able to keep up with intricate details without having to create a new point.

The metallic colors themselves are absolutely gorgeous as well. The metallic shimmer is subtle enough that it’s not overpowering, but it also doesn’t go unnoticed. You can’t really tell in the photograph unfortunately, but tilting the paper just a little bit reveals beautiful highlights among the vibrant colors.

What truly sets Marshall’s apart though is the fact that the “lead” is oil based. This means you can use Marlene or linseed oil to change how the color adheres to the paper, something Marshall’s actually recommends when it comes to hand coloring photographs. I didn’t get to test that this time around, but rest assured it’s coming!

Up next, I’ll be testing the regular colored pencils! I’ll be filling in the last two sections of that page, experimenting with different techniques to showcase what these pretty pencils are capable of. Stay tuned on the blog and Instagram for the next update, and be sure to share your work with us!

You can find the metallic colored pencil set here in the OmegaBrandess webstore!

The coloring page is from Tangled Treasures Coloring Book by Jane Monk.


OB, Marshall’s, and Caroline Delve into the World of Adult Coloring.

Coloring used to be a thing young children did in school to get them to calm down. Now, the trend is sweeping the world by storm and getting ADULTS to calm down! In 2014, about a million coloring books were sold. In 2015, that number jumped to twelve million. The past year has seen such a demand for coloring books and materials that companies like Faber Castell are having to double their shifts to keep up.

Lucky for them though, OmegaBrandess has thousands of colored pencils sitting in our warehouse just waiting to be held in your hands and used to create fantastical images! Marshall’s Photo Coloring System has a gorgeous range of colored pencils from the classic ROY G BIV, to shiny metallics, to bright and cheerful tropical colors. I’ll be spending the Easter weekend de-stressing with my favorite coloring book and some Marshall’s coloring pencils to show you guys that Marshall’s can be used for more than just handcoloring black and white photographs!

We have some awesome sets all ready for you to order over in our store, as well as individual pencils for you to make your own sets. We also carry a great collection of oil paints tailored for handcoloring photographs, but they are also excellent for canvas! We have plenty of those too! Ranging from DIY canvas sheets to print your own photos to pre-made canvases and greeting cards that are ready to color.

Head over to check it out and then stay tuned on our Instagram to watch my progress and see the final product!

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