Tiny Bubbles…in the mud.

It has been unseasonably chilly here in Maryland for the past couple days – and rainy. But I have one of those new ‘fitbit thingys’ and was determined to take a long walk today during a break in the rain. Off I went, earbuds in – listening to Pandora, chewing a wad of bubble gum and blowing bubbles in time with the music as I walk (or strutted) for a good 5 miles. Ok, maybe 3 miles. FINE! 1.5 miles. I’m climbing hills, walking through trails, when BOOM! Down I go. Face Plant into the muddiest, dirtiest puddle of who knows what. Swallow my gum – and do that thing where you jump up real quick as if that was all part of your exercise routine and you just landed a difficult Pilates dismount….but when you realize no one saw you, you can now A) Die of embarrassment B) Cry  C) Laugh your butt off  D) All of the above

I don’t know what happened exactly, but I can hear my inner voice saying ‘Girl – you better watch it. You know you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time’. I should have listened. I am a klutz! Now I am a covered in mud, cold and wet klutz with a wad of chewing gum that will remain undigested in my gut for the next 7 years. I need to phone a friend. Battery indicator is flashing red..crap. Pandora is still sucking my battery dry. But wait….I ALWAYS carry a back-up power source with me (for this very reason). And SANHO makes the best out there….


So staying true to form, I have officially celebrated National Chewing Gum Day AND National Mud Pack Day during my walk, and this evening I shall indulge in a Hot Cider in honor of National Hot Mulled Cider Day. I can always make it work!

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The Morning After….

You and your neighbor Bart shared more than just a couple cold ones on National Drink Beer Day yesterday. That is why the day after National Drink Beer Day is very appropriately – National Coffee Day! And since you spent all of your readily available cash on said cold beer last night, you were very pleased to find that most places were handing out free small or medium coffees to their customers this morning. Which you needed. Bad. But making 5 stops to 5 different coffee joints was a little bit much. Just sayin. Glad your headache is better though.


Now you are seriously re-thinking the entire skydiving adventure trip. Good – I mean what were you thinking? Call Bart tonight and suggest White Water Rafting. I like it! MUCH closer to the ground….you can swim, right? Of course the GoPro will still work – but again, you will need BOTH hands free to use the oars (or to hold on for dear life). And you still have one more day to get those hands-free mounting accessories for the GoPro camera! Just Click Here to order online. Did I mention shipping is FREE within the continental US?

Much Better Idea!!!

Ain’t the Beer Cold Hon….

This is a phrase we say here in Baltimore when our beloved Orioles are having a great baseball season. Heck, we even say it when our equally beloved Ravens win! But guess what day it is!! HUMP DAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Haaaa. Yes, it is Wednesday, aka Hump Day. But today is also National Drink Beer Day! And because today also happens to be National Good Neighbor Day, be a good neighbor and take them a beer. CHEERS!


And suppose after you have had a couple beers with your neighbor, you discover your shared dream of skydiving one day – so you plan to fulfill that dream together. Bart, your neighbor, has already purchased a GoPro camera in anticipation of jumping out of an airplane – because he will undoubtedly need proof. No one will believe Bart without proof.

So what will your contribution to this life-changing event be? I’ll tell you. You will need something to mount that GoPro camera to….because I promise you, you WILL need to keep your hands free to pull a rip cord to open your parachute. We got you buddy! Check this out – all the ProMounts for GoPro you could want – and On Sale until Friday !!

So finish your beer, click here, and order your gear! Oh, and good luck with the skydiving thing. Somethings I will never ever do voluntarily.

Could you “GO” for a sale?? — photomegatalk

NOW! through September 30th, save 40% off LIST price on the greatest GoPro accessories available! AND…Pay no shipping on your entire order! (GROUND shipping within the continental U.S. only. Oversize and hazmat fees may still apply) Enter coupon code: GOFOR40 at checkout to receive your discount and FREE shipping. With the ever increasing popularity of […]

via Could you “GO” for a sale?? — photomegatalk

Could you “GO” for a sale??

NOW! through September 30th, save 40% off LIST price on the greatest GoPro accessories available!

AND…Pay no shipping on your entire order!

(GROUND shipping within the continental U.S. only.  Oversize and hazmat fees may still apply)

Enter coupon code:  GOFOR40 at checkout to receive your discount and FREE shipping.

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Activity, Dinner, Dessert!

September 14, 2016. It is National Live Creative Day. So if you are not living creatively, it’s okay…you are really only obligated to do so today evidently! You could try any number of things, really. I think our most creative products are probably those involving the coloring and retouching of your beautiful photos. Take a look at the creative magic you do with our Berg Color Tone products and Marshall’s Photo Oils! I am always amazed at the beauty you can enhance with just a simple stroke of color.

Berg Copper Brown

Next, enjoy a Hoagie for dinner and a Cream Filled Donut for dessert. Only because it is also National Hoagie Day and National Cream Filled Donut Day. And that is the way the folks at National Day Calendar spell DONUT.

Have a Great Evening!!

There must be 50 ways to use a litepad..

This will be a quick note. I had a “light bulb” moment I just had to share. I love to cross stitch, but the older I get, the harder it is to see. Even with my bifocals. I have a lamp I had been using for years – the kind that shines down over my shoulder. Excellent light – horrible shadows! Then while I was at work, one of out products made it’s way across my desk. LIGHT BULB!


Our Gepe Pro LED Slim Light Box would be absolutely perfect for me! Now I can sit this 8×12 light box on my lap and illuminate my stitch work from underneath! It doesn’t get hot because it is LED. It is lightweight. It is just the right amount of light. I love it when I can find  completely different uses for products we sell!


Have a great evening – Talk with ya tomorrow!