Press Release: New b-grip items


Contact: Jeff Seidel • Phone: (410)-374-3250, • E-mail:


Hampstead, Maryland – June 21, 2017 – OmegaBrandess is pleased to introduce the new Flexy Strap, an ultra-compact camera neck strap and wrist strap all in one.  The Flexy Strap is compact and extremely comfortable thanks to the thick and soft Neoprene neck pad.  The strap cord is made using a proprietary technology allowing an elastic effect.  The result is the strap extends when carrying a camera around the neck and shortens when using as a wrist strap.  The Neoprene pad incorporates a magnetic button that allows the conversion to a very comfortable and secure wrist strap.  The minimalist elegant Italian design is the perfect solution for the photographer on the go who needs both comfort and requires minimal storage space when not in use.  Made in Italy; Retail price $39.99


Also announced is the b-grip EVO Plus Belt and Backpack Camera Holster Set.  B-grip EVO is the innovative system for carrying a DSLR Camera on your hip. A universal carrying system in which your DSLR does not depend on laces, neck straps or a bag…

Made with the highest quality materials EVO guarantees comfort, safety and on the fly availability of your DSLR. This translates into a purely pleasurable photographic experience in every condition of use.

The camera is directly connected to the body allowing a freedom of movement and availability which has never been achieved before. The camera does not swing continuously into the body when you are moving around. Its small form factor makes b-grip EVO unobtrusive and always available for an unsurpassed ease of use. EVO will accommodate most configurations including flash, Zoom lens and a battery grip. EVO supports a weight up to 17.64 lbs. and adapts to the needs of professional and recreational photographers alike.

Included with the b-grip EVO Plus is the b-grip Backpack Strap.  The Backpack Strap quickly and easily attaches your b-grip and camera to vertically oriented straps and other closed circuit straps that you normally would not be able to attach your b-grip to. Great for backpacks, the b-grip Backpack Strap is sure to keep your DSLR conveniently ready to shoot at all times.   Made in Italy; Retail price $47.99.


About OmegaBrandess

OmegaBrandess has manufactured and distributed photographic and imaging products for over 75 years. A privately held company, OmegaBrandess supplies the photography industry with over ten thousand products from dozens of branded lines. For more information about OmegaBrandess and its represented brands, call (410)-374-3250 or visit



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