Meet the Staff

Ever wonder about the amazing people behind OmegaBrandess? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore! This is still a work in progress though, so stay tuned for more awesome updates!

Office Staff

Cindy Wesolowski – President

Jeff Seidel – Director of Sales and Service

Jeff manages the sales team and our independent reps, while maintaining contact with manufacturers. He is always seeking out new products and negotiating agreements. He also works on company communications such as email blasts and newsletters. In his free time, he enjoys nature photography and fishing. He also has a sweet pitbull named Sonny, who loves opening everyone’s Christmas presents.

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Food/Drink of Choice: Cheeseburgers and a nice IPA.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Gladiator and Blind Spot.

Favorite Book: “The Blood Gospel” by James Rollins

Favorite Music Artist: Genesis


Dana Zacharias – Controller

Kim Hargett – Operations Manager

Stephanie Wilson – Executive Assistant/Marketing Assistant/Social Media Manager

Stephanie does pretty much anything she is asked to do! She keeps our product catalogs up-to-date, assists the sales staff with marketing materials, and manages our social media accounts. Stephanie works closely with our operations manager, Kim, and assists with the day-to-day needs of the business. In her free time she loves cooking, cross-stitching, playing piano, and singing. She is a collector of all things Disney. Stephanie also enjoys spending time reading medical journals.

Stephanie is also the resident cat lady! She breeds and shows purebred Birman Cats under the Cat Fanciers’ Association licensed cattery name of Miadora Birmans.

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Favorite Food/Drink of Choice: Enjoys all things seafood (especially Maryland steamed blue crabs), and is a die-hard Vanilla Coke addict.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Favorite movie is a tie between The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, and the How to Train Your Dragon movies. Reality TV Junkie on the side. Everything from Survivor and Big Brother to The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

Favorite Music Artist: Hands down, U2. She has seen every single tour since 1981.

Pat Cattaneo – Accounting Supervisor

Pat takes care of A/P and A/R, as well as managing billing. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing with family and friends and spending time with her grandson. She has two dogs: a 2 year old Borderdoodle named Shadow and a 13 year old Border Collie named Skylar.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food/Drink of Choice: Pizza! Coffee is best in the mornings, but after the sun sets a nice strawberry daiquiri hits the spot.

Favorite Music Artist: Too many to mention! But country and rock are pretty great genres.

Katie Andes

Stacy Hare

Karen Ringley

Jim Graham

Warehouse Staff

Charlotte Houck

Pat Isennock

Kevin Tracey

Tara Pettis